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Training is TEACHING. 
Teaching-------> builds skills.
Increased skills ---> increases confidence.
Increased confidence-----> reduces anxiety 
Reduced anxiety ------> reduces reactivity!

When you have a reactive dog, you 
have PTSD!
Over time you become more and more isolated because
 the thought of another explosion is unbearable.
It always ends in tears and more damage to your relationship. 
You love your dog more than anyone understands and
you fight a battle everyday to simply go for a walk.
You know in your heart If others could see what you see
in those eyes they would surely understand.

STOP avoiding and start teaching.
STOP managing the behavior and start changing it! 
Give your dog the life you know is possible!

It won't be easy, but nothing worth anything is easy

She has changed our lives. Lyndsi has an uncanny knack of understanding a dog's mind and can explain what is really going on in the canine brain.

-Hannah D 

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