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We are NOT a boarding or day care facility.

The Balanced Dog is NOT a boarding facility. We offer boarding as a courtesy service to current clients who are actively engaged in our training community – this includes participation in our training modules, hike, structured walks, and/or Pack Walk.

If you are a current, active client, please review the rest of our boarding requirements carefully before reaching out to schedule a stay.



Standard Pricing

$75/Day (stays shorter than 14-days)   

$70/Day (stays longer than 14-days)or with Punchcard Purchase! 

$35/Partial Day

Standard pricing applies to puppies/dogs who are:

  • Well socialized,

  • Able to play safely with other dogs onsite (the support of an e-collar or muzzle is fine),

  • Able to engage with various handlers, and

  • Able to relax in their crate in a space with other dogs and people coming and going

Pre-Purchased Punchcards for Standard Pricing

Pre-paid punchcards are non-transferrable and must be used within 3-months of purchase. They can only be applied to full days, partial days will be invoiced at the time of scheduling. The punchcards may be used over the course of multiple stays or in one stay. Unused days are non-refundable.

  • Pre-paid 10-day package: $700 or $70 per day


Additional Information

Medication Administration

For pills and other medications taken orally, there is no charge unless your dog has difficulty taking these medications. We charge a small daily fee (based on frequency and time required), for medications which are not oral.*

*We may need to schedule an appointment to discuss medication administration, to ensure we can accommodate your dogs specific medical needs.

Boarding Requirements:

  1. If your dog has never stayed with us at the new property, or they have not stayed with us in more than 6-months, we will need to schedule a day play assessment at our property in Damascus prior to their stay. Please keep this in mind when scheduling, as a last minute request may not be able to be accommodated if they have not successfully completed this requirement.

  2. You are actively participating in our training community. Meaning, you are participating in training modules, hike, structured walks, or pack walk.

  3. Your dog must be comfortable and able to self-soothe in a crate. During their stay they will have both a crate for downtime and sleeping, and an exercise pen they can spend time in when they are not outside. We cannot board dogs who cannot relax in their crate.

*These requirements apply even if your dog has stayed with us in the past.

A stay at The Balanced Dog, is not just food and time in a crate. Your dog will receive plenty of love, attention, and time to run, play and socialize. Our staff are trained in all our training protocols and use them in every interaction with your dog, so even though your dog is not involved in a board and train program, every time we engage with them their training will be reinforced and built upon.

We make it our goal to ensure your dog receives the level of mental and physical engagement that is appropriate for them. Just like our training is shaped by the unique needs of each dog, so is our approach to boarding.

If your dog struggles with time in a crate; cries, howls, or won’t settle down during their stay, we will call your emergency contact and have them pick-up your dog. This behavior impacts all the other dogs, staff, and other people living on the property; and makes the stay miserable for your dog.  If your dog is sent home because of this behavior, they will not be able to board with us in the future without successfully completing a repeat day play evaluation.

Due to limited space, we need as much notice as possible to ensure we are available for the times you are seeking.

Please note:  We work with many clients whose dogs have anxiety, fear, or issues with other dogs and people. Each of these dogs requires additional staffing and attention, as they often cannot go out with the other dogs. To ensure each dog gets the care they need and deserve, we do charge more for these dogs. See pricing below for Dogs with Behavioral Considerations.

Pricing & General Information

Overnight Assessment Requirement 

 Drop-off after 1PM and pickup the following day before 1PM 

 * Please schedule your dogs assessment at least 30 days prior to the overnight your booking.

These assessments will help us ensure your dog can board with us safely and the kind of support they may need during their stay. At the end of the assessment we will let you know if your dog qualifies to stay with us or not, and which of the two pricing tiers they will fall under. In some cases, we may recommend additional training to help you get your dog ready to board.

To schedule an assessment for boarding, ensure you meet the requirements for boarding above and CLICK HERE to complete the boarding inquiry form.


Please use the form for inquiring about boarding assessments and boarding scheduling. Do not email or text with these requests.

Payment Terms & Conditions

Stays Scheduled within 30-days of Drop-off

Payment is due at the time of scheduling.

Cancellations made with more than 7-days notice will be refunded in full.

Cancellations made with less than 7-days notice will be receive and 80% refund.

Stays Scheduled more than 30-days from Drop-off

An invoice will be sent within 30-days of drop-off and will be due upon receipt.

Cancellations made with more than 7-days notice will be refunded in full.

Cancellations made with less than 7-days notice will be receive and 80% refund.

Cancellation for Non-Payment

Any stay not paid in full within 48-hours of receipt of the invoice or within 24-hours of drop-off, whichever comes first, will be cancelled. We cannot guarantee the space will still be available at the time of payment, as our space for boarding is limited.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does charging per day work?

When boarding your dog will get the most attention during the day. This is when they are fed, have medications administered, and are exercised. At night, they sleep. This means that we need more skilled assistance/staff during the day. 

What is a partial day versus a full day?

A partial day is a drop-off anytime after 1pm or pick-up anytime before 1pm. A full day is any day with a drop-off before 1pm or a pick-up after 1pm and all the days stayed in between.

Do you offer any additional services for dogs staying for boarding?

No we don't offer additional services. Every dog staying with us gets multiple extended play times throughout the day on our 7-acre property. Client's who currently have a hiking package may opt to have their dog go on their regularly scheduled hikes at a reduced price. These hikes will not count towards the existing hike package.

My dog stayed with you before at your old property, do they qualify for boarding?

Not unless you are currently active in the training community. This means that you are participating in one of our training modules or a weekly hike or walk package, or coming at least 2 times per month to Pack Walk. If you meet this expectation then you may schedule a day play assessment. If you do not meet this expectation then you will need to be active in the community for at least 3-months before you may request a day play assessment.

Do you do emergency/last-minute boarding?

If your dog meets all our requirements, has successfully passed a day play assessment, has stayed with us within the last 3-months, and we have space then yes we can often accommodate last-minute boarding. Please note, we do not make exceptions to our requirements. Doing so often creates unsafe and less than ideal conditions for your dog and the other dogs and humans onsite.

I haven't been active in the training community for a while and don't have time to do a day play assessment before I leave, can you make an exception if you already know my dog?

No. We are not a boarding facility. We offer boarding as a courtesy to existing clients and those active in our training community, who meet our other requirements and have been assessed and approved for boarding. This is for the safety and comfort of your dog and all the other dogs we board and have onsite as well as the safety of the humans who live and work onsite.

What should I bring to drop-off my dog?

  • Enough pre-portioned food for 2 meals a day for the duration of their scheduled stay, plus 2 additional meals in case their stay is unexpectedly extended. (required)

  • Collar (required)

  • Leash (required)

  • If needed, Medications/Supplements with instructions for their use and any additional items needed in conjunction with giving their medication (e.g. peanut butter, pill pockets)

  • Blanket that smells like home for sleeping area (optional)

  • E-collar and charger, labeled with your dog's name (optional)

  • Muzzle (optional)

  • Other training collar, e.g. prong collar (optional)

  • A chew toy or safe bone they can have in their crate, unsupervised during downtime

  • If your dog has allergies and requires special treats, please be sure to include those

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